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All about Peruvian Rainforest Weather

All about Peruvian Rainforest Weather

All about Peruvian Rainforest Weather

The weather in the Peruvian rainforest is generally hot and very humid. The rainfall levels actually form the weather differences and not the temperatures throughout the year. Let’s read some amazing facts about Peruvian rainforest weather.

  • Climate

The Amazon rainforest tropical region is also called the equatorial climate. This zone extends 12 degrees south and north of the equator. The average temperature here is 25° Celsius and the temperature rarely falls below 0° Celsius. 

There is not much difference between winter and summer in the Amazon rainforest. It doesn’t have a dry season. Rather the difference in the season is determined by less rainy and more rainy seasons.

  • Rainfall

In just 1 year, the rainfall here can reach a minimum of 1.8 m or a maximum of 9 m of rain. The rainforest doesn’t have a dry season but it does have the time of less rain which doesn’t last too long.

Manu National Park

Southern Peruvian Amazon (Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata and Manu)

The heavy rainfall season and hotter weather start in December in Tambopata and Manu and continue till March. Afternoon showers are almost every day during this time. Less rainfall with slightly cool weather falls between June and September.

Northern Peruvian Amazon (Iquitos)

Heavy rainfall is recorded from December to May and low rainfall generally occurs between June and November. 

If you plan to visit it, the best time can be from March to June. The weather is pleasant because of the transition time between less rain and heavy rain which will give you enough time to enjoy the environment. You will not get heavy rain and enjoy nature without sitting indoors. Unique animal spotting opportunities can be best enjoyed during this time.

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Eco-regions of the Peruvian Rainforest

The Peruvian Amazon has two eco-regions.

  • Down Forest

Down forest or Selva Baja is also called the Omagua region. The climate here is very warm with average temperatures of around 28ºC. It enjoys plenty of rainfall that leads to a high relative humidity of over 75%. 

  • High Forest

High forest or Selva Alta is also known as rupa-rupa, Rainforest Mountain high, or jungle. This eco-region is along the eastern foothills of the Andes mountain range. At higher altitudes, the temperature is relatively cool.

Final Words

The Jungle of Peru also has several microclimates. Considering all the factors, the time from June to September is ideal for visiting the Peruvian Amazon forest. From June to September the rainfall is very less and the monsoon has already showered enough for the year.

During this time the mobs of mosquitoes decline and the wildlife congregate on the river banks. This makes it very safe and enjoyable for visitors. The clear sky and less rain are also ideal for highland trekking.