Birding Manu Cloud Forest

Birding Manu Cloud Forest

Manu National Park is one of the best places to see plants and animals in Peru! This is because it is considered to be having the highest biodiversity in the world. It is home to more than 200 mammal species, 100 reptile and amphibian species and more than 850 species of birds.

When it comes to the Cloud forests of Manu it is home to many species of orchids and hundreds of bird species. This includes the Peruvian National Bird, Andean Cock-of-the-Rocks!

Typically, a Birding Manu Cloud Forest tour lasts for about 4 days because the aim is to see and observe as many birds as possible. While it is not 100% guaranteed that you will see a particular bird at Manu National Park, it is worth a try!

Here we have put up a detailed itinerary with what you can expect when going on a birdwatching tour at Manu.

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Day 1:

Your trip will begin at Cusco City with a drive to Atalaya pier. You will be stopping at Paucartambo, this is a folkloric town. After a brief visit, you will be driven up the hill to Tres Cruces view point. One of the three places on earth to see the winter solace.

You will be going through lower elevation forests to the higher elevations while getting the chance to see endemic bird species Creamy-crested Spinetail and Chestnut-breasted Mountain-Finch.

You will get to the Acjanaco Mountain Pass and eventually reach the lovely foothills of Manu Biosphere Reserve.

As we get closer to Manu National Park, you will get the chance to observe the most seeked bird of Peruvian wildlife, the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.

Some of the other bird species you will be seeing are Cinereous Conebill, Peruvian and Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch, Mountain Caracara, Puna Thistletail etc. You will stay the night at Bambu lodge.

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Day 2:

Your trip will begin at the Bambu Lodge and end at Soga de Oro Lodge. You will embark on a boat ride and see different animals and birds.

The region is home to many bird species as you move inwards to the forested areas! Some of them are Crimson-mantled Woodpeckers, Amethyst-throated Sun-angel, Inca Flycatchers, Andean Guan, Speckle-faced and Scaly-naped Parrots, Andean Pygmy-Owl, Azara´s Spinetail, Red-crested Cotinga, White-collared Jay, Mountain Cacique and much more.

You will stay the night at Soga de Oro Lodge.

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Day 3:

Your trip will start at the Soga de Oro Lodge and stay the night there. You will be going through the subtropical and the low-temperate forested areas of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. This day will be the most exciting of all because it starts with a visit to Macaw Clay Lick. 

Some of the other birds you will be seeing are Black-billed Treehunter, Golden-olive Woodpecker, Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant, Blue-naped Chlorophonia.

Many travellers have also spotted Hummingbirds, Speckled Hummingbird, Black-and-chestnut Eagles, Masked Trogon, Dusky-green Oropendola and Lyre-tailed Nightjar.

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Day 4:

You will be travelling back to Cusco from the Soga de Oro Lodge after watching some more birds nearby. You will also get to see some on the way back to Cusco.

So if you arrange for a Birding Manu Cloud Forest tour there are some advantages like getting a knowledgeable tour guide, transportation facilities, accommodation, meals and much more!

Hiking up is a moderately difficult activity but is doable by people of any age. Make sure to pack according to the climatic conditions; with warm comfortable clothing, sweaters, raincoats, good hiking shoes, socks and hats.

Take flashlights, insect repellents and sunscreen with you too. But remember to always be respectful towards nature, and blend in with the environment while making unforgettable memories.