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Exploring the San Pedro Market Cusco

No trip gets complete without shopping! And If the Cusco trip is in your bucket list then its markets will be top listed places to visit during this trip. Cusco’s markets are a significant feature of Peruvian culture.

The famous market like San Pedro Market Cusco, you can expect rows upon rows of stalls, tiny shops of fruits, vegetables, and every possible ailment. Against this fury of sights and smells, you can expect the constant backdrop of roaring sellers keen to shout you over so that you can buy from them.

You must be curious to know about San Pedro Market of Cusco, continue reading to know about this market, and some practical insights about this market.

San Pedro Market

If you want to enjoy the unique representation of the daily life of Peru then san Pedro market is the perfect place for you. If you don’t want to shop then also it is an incredible place for you to visit. This huge market of Cusco has already reached the status of tourist attraction as it offers an extensive range of alpaca clothing and other souvenirs along with rows of stalls selling vegetables, fruits, juices, cheese, and meat.

Location of the San Pedro Market

It is located close to Plaza San Francisco and passing through the arch next to Iglesia Santa Clara.  It is a place where you can buy almost everything. Noisy streets and crowded shops can help you to identify that you are reached in the San Pedro Market. As you will step inside the market a swirl of color, unknown smells and characteristic buzz of the market will hit you. Alpaca ponchos, fresh juice stalls can fetch your attention easily.

San Pedro Market Cusco

Important Tips to Consider before Visiting San Pedro Market

Before spending your time and money in Cusco’ San Pedro market, you must keep in mind the below-mentioned things that may enhance your shopping experience and enjoyment.

Tip#1: Don’t Go For First Seen First Buying

In the market, you will surely be confronted with an overwhelming number of products from Andean wool sweater to fruits and cooking pan. There will not be a single stall that offers the product you want to buy.

Bear in mind, most of the vendors initially offer high prices so don’t forget to negotiate. So take a look around the whole market and go for the lowest price you have heard and made your best deal.

Tip#2: Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Due to the growing reputation of the San Pedro market as a tourist attraction in Cusco, it becomes a quite crowded place so it is important to watch out for pickpockets.  Keep an eye on your valuables like Cameras, cell phones, wallets, and other belongings to prevent theft.

However, security guards are patrolling in the market but it is good to be careful about your valuables.

San Pedro Market Cusco

Tip#3: Prefer Saturdays

Saturday market is the biggest market in the week as it extends to adjacent streets on this day. So, if you want to enjoy more shopping then plan your market visit on Saturday.

Tip#4: Carry Your Bag

It is good to carry your bag while visiting the San Pedro market as you can keep your belongings and bought stuff safe in the market. 


The best advice while visiting San Pedro Market is to take your time and wander slowly so that you could not miss anything in the market and get a glimpse of Cusco’s culture.

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