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Tambopata or Manu

Amazon is the place from where you can see the most extensive range of biodiversity. Arriving Puerto Maldonado to start the journey will be full of thrill and fun.

It is a good idea to stop during the visit to Peru, keeping in mind the capital of biodiversity for entrance to the Manu National Park and Tambopata Candamo National Reserve. Tambopata or Manu – these two wonderful options will put you in a dilemma as both are worth visiting.

Well, we have discussed the various aspects which you can take into consideration for making an informed decision.

Species Richness 

Puerto Maldonado provides entrance to both the parks in the region of Peruvian Amazon. The rich species of flora and fauna is overwhelming

The Tambopata Candamo National Reserve can be reached by the Tambopata River. It has the highest biodiversity with 632 species of birds, 1200 butterflies and 169 mammals.

Manu National Park Peru has 1,716,295.22 hectares. It is ideal for nature tourism. The lower basin has a lush green plain that looks very uniquely pleasing.


Tourist Services

Tambopata extends great tourism to explore the Amazon rainforest. There is a facility if hosts which is house to macaws. If you love a panoramic view, you will love Tambopata. It has an observatory tower for this purpose.

The main attraction of Manu is Collpas. It is a habitat of the flock of Guacayamos. You will find a metal tower of 18 meters and slightly raised power that enables a nice bird watching and much green top-notch view of trees.



For the admirers of nature, visiting the Manu will be an enriching experience. You will enjoy the splendour and wildlife. This will account for the real adventure.

Whereas Tambopata Amazon Peru has been affected by the business, a large number of visitors have made it a little difficult to explore wildlife.


The Manu National Park is a protected reserve and it is not easy to get there. The widely used way is through the city of Cusco and then going through Paucartambo. Later you will come across the tropical jungle.

You need to start from the city of Cusco to go to the Tambopata National Reserve. You can take a flight or go through roadways. It takes three hours from the airport.

Whether you decide to see Tambopata or Manu, you need to go to the main forest via boat.


Group Size

The Manu reserve has more activities related to bird watching and nature enthusiasts. Therefore, this demands a smaller group so that these activities could be carried out easily.

The Tambopata reserve is mainly about seeing more serene and greenery. Therefore, larger groups are entertained. These provide extensive jungle experience.

Travel Expenses 

You can reach Tambopata’s tropical done as well as the virgin forest very vastly which reduces the cost of the trip.

In Manu, the cost of the trip is about 3 times of the Tambopata. The small shelters are much in demand and this makes it costly.


Whether you choose Tambopata or Manu National Park, both are home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna.The Amazon rainforest has the highest biodiversity on this planet. Both have many boats, canopy circuits and holds amazing experience. Both the reserves have birds, alligators, giant otters, pumas, monkeys, jaguars and toucans. The alligators are preferably the black alligator.

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