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+51 960 447 020 | +51 924 353 276 info@machupicchuamazonperu.com

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions once you’ve decided on a program because your reservation is subject to them. Payment for any MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU program or tour constitutes consent to all provisions of the Booking Terms & Conditions set forth herein, and is binding on all trips.


  • The itinerary is subject to alter depending on the weather, river conditions, and group preferences.
  • MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU is not liable for any loss or damage to the client’s personal possessions, or any repercussions resulting from such loss or damage.
  • We will not be held liable for any illness or accident that may occur. If you get sick or have an accident, the client is responsible for any expenditures associated with it.
  • The customer is responsible for the equipment provided to him, and any damage or loss must be paid for when the equipment is returned to Cusco.
  • The customer certifies that he is in good physical and mental health. If this is not the case, MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU will not be held liable.
  • Please keep in mind that you are making a reservation for a rainforest trip. Please keep in mind that we cannot provide the same level of comfort as a city hotel (internet, hot water, electricity).


Please get in touch with us before making any payments! At the time of booking, a 50% payment per person for the selected package is required. In the event that the client cancels, the deposit is non-refundable. By doing so, you are entering into an agreement with MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU. The booking is then accepted and confirmed. Please note that travel arrangements are not guaranteed until MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU confirms them in writing.

The 50% deposit can be made using WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, or online payments. The transfer must be done in the name of MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU employees.

MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU DOES NOT PAY FOR ANY BANK TAXES OR TRANSFER FEES; however, the client is responsible for all transfer fees.


  • The pricing of the program is in US dollars. You must pay the remaining balance in our office at least 24 hours prior to your tour. At the moment, we take cash (Peruvian soles or US dollars) and Visa (they charge you 8 percent commission).
  • The pricing of the program per participant is agreed upon at the time of booking confirmation and will not change.

Cancellation on your part

The client must notify MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU in writing if he or she wishes to cancel. The deposit is non-refundable. Please explain why you’re canceling, as your insurance policy may provide coverage.

If the cancellation notice is received more than 15 days before the departure date, the client will forfeit the 50% payment. Only if 100% of the tour fee is paid in advance will 50% of the tour price be reimbursed 15 to 7 days before departure. No money will be refunded less than 48 hours before departure, even if only a portion of the tour is canceled.

Cancellation / Modifications by Us

Technical issues, weather conditions, strikes, rioting, and political policies are all factors beyond our control.
In such situations, MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU will offer alternatives to running the program, such as equivalent travel arrangements, but will not issue a refund. We have the right to make changes to the scheduled itinerary if necessary. We will make every attempt to present you with the program arrangements that you have requested, but adjustments may occur.

If they are important, we will notify you as soon as possible before your departure date. We will once again provide comparable alternatives. Any additional costs incurred will be the responsibility of the client. Please keep in mind that MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU will not be responsible for any additional charges incurred by the customer in preparation for the tour, such as foreign tickets and taxes, visa costs, and vaccines, among other things.

Cancellations due to MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU: your payment will be refunded in full.

Risk Tolerance

Some MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU itineraries are meant to expose participants to the genuine character of the environment they are visiting. As a result, they carry a level of personal risk that could lead to physical or emotional harm, paralysis, death, or damage to the client, his or her property, or third parties. The client recognizes that such dangers cannot be eliminated without harming the activity’s important aspects, and thus accepts them as part of the tour. The client acknowledges that he or she is aware of his or her physical and health status, and that in light of this, he or she chooses to take the risks listed above. The client absolves MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU of any and all liability in the event of an accident or harm.

Touring with Authority

On all matters likely to jeopardize the tour group’s safety and well-being, the company’s guide or representative will have the last say. At all times, you must follow the guide’s directions.

The client must adhere to all Peruvian laws and drug restrictions at all times. If the client does not comply with the foregoing, or if the client interferes with the group’s well-being, the guide or company representative has the authority to compel the client to leave the trip without a refund.

Documents for Traveling

A valid passport must be carried by the customer. The original or at least a copy of the document must be carried on the tour.

Insurance for Vacations

We strongly urge you to purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for accidents, medical expenditures, and emergency repatriation, including rescue and air ambulance. It’s also a good idea to have coverage for flight cancellations and luggage loss.

Services provided by other parties

MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU runs some of the services included in a program directly, but it also makes arrangements with airlines, hotels, and other third parties to deliver the travel services you purchase. We do everything we can to ensure that service providers adhere to our high standards. These parties, on the other hand, are independent vendors over whom we do not have complete authority.

As a result, MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU cannot be held responsible for any losses, damages, difficulties, or delays.

Complaints and claims

If a customer has a problem about the company, the customer must inform the guide while on the trip so that the guide can try to resolve the issue. Any other complaints must be sent to the company in writing within seven days after the tour’s conclusion.

All claims or disagreements must be brought solely in Cusco, Peru, whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction under Peruvian law.

Damage claims against MACHU PICCHU AMAZON PERU are limited to the cost of the disputed item. Any and all liability is confined to the tour’s entire fee. In every event, the firm expressly disclaims any and all liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or expenditure, including lost profits.

Thank you for putting your faith in us, and have a safe and enjoyable journey!