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The Top Tours for Visiting Amazon from Cusco – Jungle trips from Cusco

Wondering which are the best Jungle trips from Cusco? Check out the detailed post locally curated by our travel experts from Amazon.

Cusco is the ancient and touristy center of Peru where a million tourists visit every year to explore the ancient pathways of the city. The place is extremely popular and liked by people and therefore you’ll surely love to visit Peru always.    

Coming to the world’s vastest wildlife homes Amazon Rainforest, all the nature lovers will surely like to explore this forest. Manu National Park is amongst the nicest locations; however, if you want to visit the Amazon by Jungle trips from Cusco, there are various preferences. 


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Various Alternatives to Tour the Amazon Rainforest

Cusco is midmost to the Amazon and thus there are various alternatives to tour the Amazon Rainforest. Let’s understand the various options to visit the Amazon Rainforest; if you are near the Puerto Maldonado, i.e. Peru’s entrance to the southern side of the Amazon Rainforest, you can move to Tambopata Amazon and Manu. 

For taking a glimpse of the northern side of the Amazon Rainforest, you can go by the side of the River Amazon from Iquitos by taking flights from Cusco. And in case when you don’t want to go by flight, you can visit the Amazon cloud woodland of Manu National Park by taking the path downwards to the Andes to the bottom of Manu


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Let’s, Look at the Nicest Alternatives for Exploring the Amazon Rainforest 

Firstly, we’ll start with the Machu Picchu and explore the cloud forest and bottomland Amazon excluding the journey by flight. You’ll be amazed by the experiences of Amazon. For starting the jungle trips from Cusco, the initial package is an ecological adventure where you’ll enjoy the natural beauty in South America. 

Take around and make some memories of the cloud forest and then lead the way down to the Andes to the bottom jungle and enjoy the stay at the decent Amazon Rainforest resides. 


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Touring the Puerto Maldonado 

Amongst the best destination of Amazon is Puerto Maldonado as the entrance to the Amazon rainforest is only a quick flight away. In the whole Amazon basin, you’ll get to see the best regions of the Amazon rainforest. For exploring the wildlife of the Amazon, go to the Manu Jungle and Tambopata area.

For a fast tour of 2-3 days, for jungle trips from Cusco, you can go to the Tambopata National Reserve as it is a very beautiful area with many wildlife. 


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Best Lodges for the Stay to Explore Puerto Maldonado

 The best lodge for a stay from Puerto Maldonado is Sandoval Lake Lodge, Refugio, and Posada Amazonas. Also, you can book a villa to enjoy more facilities along with natural beauty.