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Where Can I See Macaws in Peru?

Where Can I See Macaws in Peru?

The Amazon Rainforest is home to many species. Macaws are the first birds that every traveler to Peru wishes to see while visiting to this place. Most of the island gateways ads and pages have these beautiful bird images covered on them. 

But where do they live or where you can find them in Peru?

Macaws are beautiful birds and have several species found in different areas of the Amazon Rainforest. They can be found generally in places with little human disturbance, large and unbroken spots of the forest. “Tambopata Peru” is one of the best places to feel the spectacular sight of the glorious bird. 

Different Locations to see Macaws in Peru:

Where Can I See Macaws in Peru?

Collpa Colorado: 

It is one of the largest and best-recognized clay licks in the Amazon Rainforest. This Collpa is situated next to the Tambopata Research Centre i.e., TRC. A major variety of macaws species such as Scarlet Macaws, blue and yellow macaws, and red & green macaws can be seen on most mornings along with lesser known varieties like Blue-headed macaws, red-bellied macaws, and chestnut-fronted macaws. 

Where Can I See Macaws in Peru?

Collpa Chuncho:

Close to both Refugio Amazonas and TRC, this is another such sight that provides a close glimpse of the beauty of these colorful species of macaws. Sometimes, you can also watch Red howler monkeys & other animals. 

The Chuncho Macaw Clay lick is one of the most adorable wildlife spectacles in the world. For all nature lovers, it Is one of the best spots to witness beautiful macaws, hears their screeches, and when crawl down from the trees to feed upon the clay. 

Where Can I See Macaws in Peru?

Collpa Gato: 

Guests of Refugio Amazonas have permission to use the magnet to watch the breathtaking sight of large, beautiful parrots. These gracious birds are definitely a raw beauty that needs to be captured in a photo. 

Collpa de Loros: 

It is one of the two clay licks or Collpa situated at Posada Amazonas; this one can be an outstanding spot to receive a mesmerizing and close gaze of big reds and greens along with several other parrots. 

Now, you have got all the information about where you can watch these gracious parrots or macaws, so pack your bags & explore nature’s grace. 


The raucous and jaw-dropping view of the beautiful species of parrots can be a lovely eye-treat to visitors to Peru. Especially during the dry period of the year, different species of macaws can be seen in the Amazon Rainforest in the early morning. 

Once you see these amazing wildlife spectacles, we are sure you wouldn’t be asking for anything more fulfilling than this!